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Archive | December, 2009

5 Hopes For The Church And Believers In 2010

As we prepare to close out 2009 and move into 2010 I’e been thinking about a post to close the year out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of just one- so here are my “5 Hopes.” They are as wide and varied as this picture.

Maybe I didn’t select the right picture, but it stood out for so many reasons. Often the church and believers are in a rapid current…where to- I wonder? Let’s keep our focus on God and leading people to him through Jesus.

1. I hope the church as a whole begins to be more of answer as opposed to constantly talking about the problem.

2. I hope the church becomes more of a place of change as opposed to competition.

3. I hope the church becomes more of a place that heals and helps as opposed to hinders and halts.

4. I hope believers around the world stand up for who we are as opposed to simply blending in for the sake of being called “relevant.”  

5. I hope believers impact culture more than being influnced by it.

What are your hopes for the church in 2010?

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With 2009 just days away…your outcome for the new year is determined by your level of expectation. God is not, I repeat, God is not going to do more than you expect Him to do. Expect great outcomes for yourself.I’ll see you at greatness.


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How was your visit?

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How was your visit.mp4 (4119 KB)

I recorded this video moments ago while eating lunch in McDonald’s. I read the card "How was your visit?" Honestly, this was the first time that I’ve ever thought to consider the approach they’re using to get feedback from their dine-in customers.

What do you use to get your clients feedback? Or do you do nothing? It’s dangerous not to get a perspective from the people you’re supposed to be serving. It’s healthy to keep the pulse of their likes and dislikes. No we can’t please everyone, but at least make an attempt to grow as a result of their comments.

These are a few of my thoughts about customer service, what’s yours?

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