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If You Fail To Plan, Then You Plan To Fail

I’m not sure who said, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” Whoever said it is/was absolutely right (first heard it from my mom Wink ). In the midst of all that’s happening- church planting, writing my first book, etc, my heart has been very concerned about the people of Haiti. And so should yours. I’m not going to debate about why this person or that person should have or should not have made certain comments. I’m just going to focus on what’s in my power to do. 

In an effort to help in a tangible way the people of Haiti I’ve called a meeting today during lunch to see what the possibilities are to aid in the relief process. Mission Harvest is doing phenomenal work locally to send resources to those on the ground in the country. Those in the meeting today come from a diverse background in areas of expertise- education, ministry, missions, technical/logistics, etc. It should be an interesting and very productive meeting today.

Most of the colleges and universities in Jacksonville will be out for Spring Break mid-March. Hmmmm….what is the likelihood that students from the higher education institutions use their week break to go with a well trained team to Haiti? That’ what I want to find out.

Yes, I really want to help. But the last thing I want to do is not walk in wisdom concerning this effort. So let the planning begin……

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Why Haiti? Why Now?



I don’t think I really need to say anything else after watching this video about why Haiti, why now? The time to act is now.


Yes, it’s imperative that we step up to the plate and give of of our time, talent, and resources. However, it’s extremely important that our work be coordinated and strategically orchestrated to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.


Love Haiti Now is a an to help show our care and support of the people during this time of great need. Stay tuned. More details to follow…..


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4 YouTube Videos That Spark Leaders





Maybe it’s just me! But in each of these videos I see an underlying message that speak to the heart of leaders. As I watched them on TV, I said to myself “self, you’ve got to post them” 🙂

 Here’s why?
1. Domino’s – It’s never too late to change.

 2. Allstate- The basics are good.

 3. EAS- Strive for more.

 4. Michael Jordan- Sometimes you lose.

 Hopefully, you can find some use of them, whether personal or within your organization.

 What are your thoughts? What are your takeaways?

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Assorted Pens And The Church

If I don’t address this, then to some degree it makes me a coward about talking about sensitive issues particularly within the church. For the few, soon-to-be church planters, that are reading this I only hope to shed some light on a deep lurking issue within the church world that exists. We are not all the same like the ink pens above. We have different tastes and preferences. But why should we should not be able to work together along the lines of what unites us rather than divide us. Don’t t the ink pens have the same function? And provide the same service?

 Recently, I’ve been in talks with a local bible college about allowing some of its students to help with the launch of Image Church. My initial phone conversation with the person responsible for setting up student internships went well. Our follow up face-to-face meeting went well. The person asked that I send information about the church plant…they really liked the level of detail. Here’s where it gets mucky…the same person responsible for student internships asked that I provide a doctrinal statement- I did. I received a follow up email stating that because of doctrinal “conflicts” they would not be allowed to partner. I respect their position not to want to partner because of the “conflicts.” However, if I don’t agree with everything you say must I be cast aside?

 Here is what frustrates me more than anything about the church today…. It appears difficult for the church to agree on anything.
To all the future church planters…. I can’t tell you the number of responses from Christiansing (and even some church planting groups) that have been real thought benders. Most Christians have only been concerned about:

 1. What area of the city I’m going to be in? Which translates into “Don’t step on my turf.”
2. Do you believe women are called to be pastors? Which translates into “You’re a liberal.”
3. What’s your denomination? Which translates into “What fraternity do you belong to?”
4. What’s your doctrinal position? Yes the bible is clear that the word is for doctrine. But I’m discovering that some are using this  as a tool of division.

 Only three people have said anything about reaching people for God. Isn’t that our main focus?

 My tidbit of advice is to you is to keep your motives pure and stay focused- don’t allow nuances to distract you from what God has told you to do.

 What have been some of your experiences?

Posted via email from Dewitt Robinson


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