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Archive | February, 2010

Methods Change Not The Message

Super excited about engaging people to serve as volunteers for the launch of Image Church in Springfield. We’ve heard it time and time again…..”the message stays the same, but the methods change.” If ever that’s the truth, it is now.

I truly believe that God has called the Image family to be a ministry that is destined to “Reflect HIM.” Our approach has to be- reach people where they are, not where they are supposed to be. Jesus came that all might come to know HIM. Since this is truth, our strategy to reach some must be able to be interpreted among various groups. 

This is a flyer/postcard targeted at a younger audience. Yes, our base for evertything we do is the WORD. However, you don’t read any scriptures or religious lingo. Why? Because the folks this is intended for wouldn’t understand it. That’s why!

Just thought I’d share this with you.

Peace 🙂

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5 Words About Springfield

I recently discovered that the area known as Springfield where Image Church will be having worship services is the oldest recorded subdivision in the city of Jacksonville. I’ll post more about this at a later date.

5 words come to mind initially …of course there are more. However, b/c I’m running behind schedule for a community center visit in Springfield I must be very brief.

Ok, here they are:

1. History
2. Preservation
3. Revitalization
4. Community
5. Love….b/c I can’t think of another word right now. And plus, love, covers everything.

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3 Site Pics Of Image Church


Here are a few pics of where Image Church will have weekend worship services. The elementary school uses their auditorium as a place for indoor sports. Please excuse the phone camera shots…I thought I charged my digital camera’s batteries. When I arrived at the school I took one picture and got the “low battery” signal 🙂

Church planting is filled with funny moments like this. I’m learning to just laugh at them and keep moving. Souls are what’s at stake, and that’s all that matters.

My prayer and desire that within the walls of the hallways and auditorium life-change will take place. Pray with me and the Image Church team that God’s will be done!








Posted via email from Dewitt Robinson


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