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We Are The World- 3 different remakes










I’m not a singer, nor am I a musician…..but I accept the different remakes of this song. As I’ve watched these videos I couldn’t help but think about the church (and the need to continue to support Haiti). Too often we divide ourselves based on minutia that doesn’t add up to anything.



Because one ministry may express themselves during worship one way or another-sometimes this is used as a basis to pick affliations to affirm or denounce one’s validity.


How can we as the church continue to operate like this?


Yes, I have my preference of music. However, I’m mature enough to know that we all have different tastes. Just because one may prefer pop to hip-hop doesn’t give anyone the grounds to bash another genre in a I’m-better-than-you attitude because I do music like this.


What are your thoughts on the different remakes?



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Updates On Image Church And Planting

A few updates on Image Church and planting….

1. We received permission from Duval County Public schools to use Andrew Robinson Elementary School temporarily to have weekend worship services. This is great news for us 🙂 Now we can begin to concentrate our efforts on the Springfield community; the best is yet to come.

2. Church planting requires work, lots of work. Recently, I made some significant changes in my daily life that allows me to focus more on launching the Image community of faith.

3. One of the things that I’m learning first hand is the importance of developing relationships with people. As I continue to pitch “Image”… more and more I see people really want to connect in a meaningful way that promotes life-change.

4. Our new site is up. Check it out at Leave a comment. What are your thoughts?

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On Writing…

I set out to write a book at the beginning of the year. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for some time now. The problem was…. where would I start? What topic will I discuss? What population would I target? After 40 days of gathering information, my early concerns have all but gone.

I simply started where I have a passion…the thoughts of key influencers under the age of 40. There is so much potential in my generation I wanted to share what I’ve discovered (and discovering) with the world.

Here are a few tips that I’ve discovered:

1. Start writing and gathering information. That’s it…just start.
2. Set a target date for completion….this will keep you from wondering aimlessly.
3. Be consistent-period.
4. Stay focused on your book. There are thousands of books already in print and digital format. Pursue your God-given idea with diligence.
5. Visit your local bookstore to get ideas about formatting. Holding other written works will ignite what’s in you. Gather other ideas from writers before you. Remember to glean, but avoid copyright infringements.

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Recap from Spruce Up Springfield!

Yesterday was awesome (and so was today)! This is a brief post….getting ready for the Super Bowl 🙂

As I serve out my year long commitment as the HandsOn Jacksonville, Blueprint Alumni Action Team project leader we partnered with the Springfield Preservation and Restoration Council (SPAR) for a community beautification project.

Thanks to all the volunteers who stepped up to give of of their time to make Saturday Special. Nearly 50 people showed up for “Spruce Up Springfield.” Our team of 13 walked 16 blocks along Main Street. We picked up trash and other debris in preparation for the re-opening of Main Street.

Many of them volunteers on our team were taking advantage of the “Give A Day, Get A Disney Day” program.

Above are a few pics from yesterday.

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