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New media has been added to

Below is one the songs that you can find on the Encounter channel. I’m discovering saying Yes to whatever God is saying is the important thing a believer can do in order to have ultimate fulfillment. There is more that God is requiring of us…what’s your response?


Six Months Ago!

Six months ago today I transitioned from a large organization of over 14,000 employees to pursue my dream. It’s been all God! Thank you Lord!

I admit. I was very comfortable and my future was bright. However, I believed (and still do) there was something else that I was to do in life. I could write more about transition and taking steps of faith to accomplish your purpose in life, but I’ll save that for another day.

I do have one question: What dream do you have that you’re willing to make a major change  in your life to accomplish?

Over the past few days I’ve been mentioning something BIG was coming! Well…..early this morning it launched. is live. Nucafe is an online 24/7 TV network. The Bible warns us not to despise the day of small beginning. So even though there is only a single channel, more are to come!

Check it out at !


The New Amazon Kindle

Tuesday, Amazon released the new Kindle. I haven’t purchased one, but I may soon. I’m constantly amazed at the innovation stretching the way readers engage with devices for written text. The announcement of the this release is particularly good news for the upcoming launch of  The Grind & The Glory.

Below is a clip from CNET about the new Kindle. Realized the video wasn’t working so here’s the link. Thoughts?


Snag A Job

Searching for jobs is easy for some and painful for others. One of my new affiliates has a simple and easy to understand video for those seeking employment. While the content in the video may not be your niche, I’m certain you can gain insight from it.


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