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Making Ideas Happen In 2011

Today’s post is a re-post (somewhat) from this past summer. I’ve given a considerable amount of thought to what I should write about on the last day of 2010. Aside from a list I created, I thought I would share a resource with you.

If you’re like me, I’ve struggled to get ideas off the ground. The feeling of defeat can be very overwhelming if you allow it to get the best of you. It’s important to learn from your mistakes. Re-work your plan. Improve. Get it done.

More ideas will come to me and you next year. How those ideas turn into reality is up to you and I. What will be a tragedy (again) is if we don’t do something with those ideas.  Let’s make them a reality……

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One Day Until 2011

2011 is almost here! Can you believe it? I was thinking about the number of things that people could do on the last day of the year. Here’s a short list of eleven things to do before 2011. What would you add?

1. Call a family member

2. Get your car washed

3. Clean up your house

4. Get the oil changed in your car

5. Take down the Christmas tree….and decorations

6. Write your goals for 2011

7. Reflect on what went well in 2010 (and what didn’t go well)

8. Pray to God for his will being manifest in your for 2011

9. Confirm your gym membership 🙂

10. Confirm your financial goals with spouse (if your married)

11.  Repeat #8


National Day Of Service

Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve. Visit

National Day Of Service is fast approaching. What will you be doing How will you be serving on Monday, January 17, 2011?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Organize a book drive.

2. Organize a fitness event.

3. Teach financial literacy.

4. Organize a neighborhood cleanup project.

5. Plant trees in your neighborhood.

6. Train your neighbors to prepare for disaster.

7. Serving food in a soup kitchen.

I hope this short list helps to inspire you to Do Something!


Next Steps With Digital Outreach

The new year is fast approaching and new developments are in the works concerning my digital outreach efforts.

1) This blog will focus less on GOOD Everyday… I have new site coming soon.

2) GOOD Everyday will feature some interesting topics covering social enterprise development

3) will have a new look soon.


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