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Archive | February, 2011

I Push

Lately, I’ve been thinking through the process of how to raise the  necessary support to build an effective ministry. I have three ways of doing one thing. Funny it may sound, but true. Three viable options to accomplish one goal.

It’s pretty clear that a school is the most cost effective location for Image Church to meet initially.

So how does someone with a whole lot of passion to reach souls for Christ raise support over and beyond what I have ever done in my life.

I’ve reached out to the “Who’s Who” in the church plant-o-sphere to little or no avail. Many church planting  networks require an investment that I don’t have right now.

I don’t have a “circle” of pastors that I can call on for support.

What I do have is faith……to believe that God has me in Jacksonville, FL to serve my generation.

With this confidence….I Push.


Big Game Giveaway

Gift Card? Want One?

With the BIG GAME just a day away, I thought I would help make it a little more enjoyable for you and your family by lightening the load. If you’re not sure what game I’m talking about you may be living under a rock or something.

How can I serve you? Glad you asked.

I’m going to giveaway a $10 e-gift card. What’s an e-gift card? An e-gift card is an electronic card that has value just like any other gift card that you can use for purchasing items.

I know many families that will be buying wings, juice, chips, dip, baked beans, etc, etc,…… just for tomorrow.  Well, I want to help make the experience less expensive.

Here is how the giveaway will work. Leave a comment below about your plans to cook, grill, or eat with family and friends for the BIG GAME by 10PM EST today (2/5/11). I will select TWO winners from the comments below. The winners will be announced on this post and emailed the $10 e-gift cards from Wal-mart tomorrow morning by 7 AM EST.

So go ahead, leave your comment now. 🙂


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