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Reducing The Categories

Reduction can be a good thing.

The focus today (again)  is reducing the number of categories to aid in focusing my writing content for greater effectiveness. Why? You’ll have to read my post from friday.


Four Spark Videos

Maybe it’s just me! But in each of these videos I see an underlying message that speak to the heart of leaders. As I watched them on TV, I said to myself “self, you’ve got to post them” 🙂


Here’s why?
1. Domino’s – It’s never too late to change.


2. Allstate- The basics are good.


3. EAS- Strive for more.


4. Michael Jordan- Sometimes you lose.


Hopefully, you can find some use of them, whether personal or within your organization.


What are your thoughts? What are your takeaways?

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Categories Help Organize Your Blog

Files Help You Organize Your Life


Yep, it’s another late post, but I’m grinding through the process of becoming a more effective blogger.

Yesterday, I listed three things that I believe will help me focus my writing  content.

Today, I’m focusing on #3- categories. Categories are like files. They aid in organization, structure, cleanliness, and might I add sanity.

At the time of this post. I have 28 categories. No joke, twenty-eight. This is entirely too much. No wonder my blog hasn’t grown beyond a max of 48 visitors in one day. My interests have spread to thin here on the blog.

If I want build traffic, get found via SEOs, attract advertisers, have guest posts, etc, I must narrow my focus….now! I don’t know how long this down-size process will take, but it starts now.

How many categories do you have for your blog?


Refocusing Blog Strategy For Success

Focus Empowers Your Strategy

After two days, of late (near midnight) blog posts I’m adjusting my focus on how I push out blog posts.

The first thing I did was pray. This is a must always.

Secondly, I did some research of John Saddington’s Tentblogger. Specifically, I was looking for help in the area of writing focus. Did I find help? A lot. I mean super-sized fry kind of help. Click here to read his post on FOCUS.

Thirdly (if this is a word), I jotted down a few notes of my own to help me clarify my efforts. The are actionable items. It’s a very short list, but one I hope to expand on in the upcoming days. Three bite size points to laser in on for the near future. Continue Reading →


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