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Archive | November, 2011

When Quitting Is Not An Option

Some times you fill like quitting. There are days when you feel depleted of passion, strength, purpose, and the will to move on.

Sure, I have mentioned and wrote about my Ultimate Source.

Yep, I have even highlighted one of my favorite poems here and here.

I even shared one of the most inspiring quotes I have ever read.

Yet, even in our best attempt to stay encouraged and to push on may not always be enough. What am I saying? The option to quit and throw in the towel may be the only motivating, non-option available. I am not sure if this makes sense to you, but it does to me. Continue Reading →


One Day

What if one day early 2012:

  1. Entrepreneurs could build lasting connections to launch their creative projects
  2. Entrepreneurs could link with venture and angel capitalists to launch their creative projects
  3. Entrepreneurs could find and partner with the missing pieces of the puzzle for their team.
  4. Entrepreneurs could be inspired from testimonies of successful entrepreneurs
  5. Entrepreneurs could be immersed in a charged environment that inspires their innermost creativity.
  6. Social entrepreneurs could shake hands with others that are using their platforms to solve real problems and make difference in the world.
  7. Social entrepreneurs could learn best practices to become more effective and more sustainable
  8. Social entrepreneurs could be empowered with knowledge to make good profit.
  9. Creatives could be challenged to stop being good and focus on being great.
  10. Creatives could learn that the places of discomfort are often the birthing place for something extraordinary.

This is a portion of what I see when I think of NowJax. Please go cast your vote now with your Facebook like. Thank you for your support. Here is the link…


A Few NowJax Symposium Questions

The end of the year is rapidly coming to an end. There are many of us who started the year with projects and goals we hoped to accomplish.

Currently, I am in the midst of completing one project that won’t be completed until the end of the year.

So I have an emphasis on helping entrepreneurs get access to the funding they need to launch their projects….what is their left to do? Planning what exactly will take place during the symposium. Continue Reading →


Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving Day everybody. Be grateful. Enjoy, laugh, celebrate, eat, nap. Repeat. LOL
Dewitt Robinson

I am grateful to God for all of his many blesings! I hope you have a great day today. Relax. Laugh. Smile. Laugh. Laugh Out Loud. Eat. Tell someone you are thankful for them.

For many this may not have been a favorable year. Continue to speak God’s blessings over you and your life. Our words have power.

Another thing, learn to appreciate the simple things in life. There is so much to grateful for. Be grateful for the fact that you are alive. Be grateful for ________________.

The point is to simply enjoy your Thanksgiving Day. We have so much to enjoy. Don’t be sad. Be glad.

I posted this tweet earlier…

My dad came home from the hospital today!! The WORD prevails. "Let the weak say I AM strong."
Dewitt Robinson

Over the past few days I have been with my dad in the hospital. I am grateful to God for restoring his body. God is faithful to his promises. What began as a day in the hospital has turned into a nice day at home with him. Yes, it was a huge faith challenge. Prayer works, if you work it. I am a living witness.

What am I most grateful for this day? My dad is out of the hospital, recovering-stronger and wiser.

What are you most grateful for today?

Also, please continue to support my project on Rockethub. I need your Facebook vote!


Moving Along With The Rockethub Launchpad Opportunity

My project is moving, but not moving as fast as I would like for it to move. Specifically, I am talking about the amount of votes needed to help push my project into the hundreds of Facebook votes.

The “JOBS” conversation, that I want to have is only a dream at this point. The more I think about it, the more I see it becoming a reality. I know there is more to be done to help push me past the slow pace I am moving in terms of votes. If you are reading this and you have voted- thank you! I am only stating that the more I need to have votes for my project.  Continue Reading →


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