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Archive | February, 2012

What Is Your Response?

We Have The Key To The Solution

What is your response?

Our lives have meaning and purpose. We, you and I, have a calling on our life to do something. What my purpose in life is may very well be different from what you have to do. However, the common denominator is that we both have something to do.

  • For some, it is a desire to build wells in Africa, because they read and saw pictures of contaminated water.
  • For some, it is a desire to build a school for orphans, because they read and saw pictures of young girls who may become prey to human trafficking.
  • For some, it is a desire to build homes for families, because they read and saw pictures of families torn apart due to homelessness.  Continue Reading →

My Upcoming Pivotal Blog Series

I am not a golfer, but I am staying the course.

Since the beginning of my BlogX journey again I have mentioned more than once that my goal is to launch something that uplifts our community.

I am passionate about community engagement. Why? Read this post about the birthplace of passion. This is a bit of uncharted waters rather than some other endeavor I could attempt. To tell the story of this process I am beginning a new blog series.

I hope to stay committed to this series over the next week. Below is a brief outline: Continue Reading →


A Reflection From The Jax Chamber Of Commerce

I Shook Hands With The Chamber 🙂

This past weekend I took out some time to clean out old junk that I had intended to clean, but had neglected to do so. Much to my surprise I came across an old name tag from my time with Duval County Public Schools. It was a Jacksonville Chamber Of Commerce badge for the Downtown Council. One of my responsibilities was to help build relationships with local businesses to develop partnerships with schools. It was fun and frustrating at times to help bridge the gap between a not for profit entity (school district) and for profit entities (businesses).

More importantly, I reflected on a  time when 100% of my energy was devoted to impacted the next generation. More so, I reflected on a different season in my life. Have you had those times of looking back? Continue Reading →


What Length Are You Willing To Go?


What Length Are You Willing To Go?


I read an article recently from Entrepreneur magazine about the lengths people were willing to take to launch their business.

It sparked a few thoughts about my goals and desires to launch __________. The article was inspirational, in that it provided examples of individuals that did the extra mile work to get where they wanted to be. Yep, from digging ditches to getting an extra job, the examples serve as a reference to the fruit of our efforts to get there.

I am not sure who said it, but it is very true…. “It’s not crowded on the extra mile.”

If we desire to launch/create _________ that serves people we must be willing to do something out of the norm. Creativity should be at the top of the list. More and more I am thinking to myself about this and what am I willing to do get it done. Continue Reading →


Developing Community Works

Keep Making Progress

Yesterday, was my shortest post recently, but it was one my most thoughtful- thanks to Leon Timbo.

As I have mentioned earlier one my goals over the next 85 days is to see (with tangible results) the launch of something that lifts the community. It is my desire to help make my community a better place to live. Not just my community, but as many communities as possible. Most of the work during my latter tenure with Duval County Public Schools was in the community engagement space. There are a number of ideas surfacing that hopefully will be solidified in the upcoming days.

I don’t know why I have such a passion for community “works”, but I do. I eat, sleep, drive, and read about effective engagement in the areas where we reside. You can read my thoughts here about the birth place of passion.

I hope to bring to life something that resembles a model of what good can be done when we look beyond our needs and focus on helping someone other than I.


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