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Archive | March, 2012

In The Midnight

Amazing things happen in the midnight. While it may be the darkest part of the night, there is hope that is birthed.

Struggles from the day are released with anticipation for tomorrow.

New opportunities to grow.

New relationships to develop.

New goals to accomplish.

New dreams to be fulfilled.

And of course, old stuff to let go of…now.

This is the hope of in the midnight.


Ten Life Lessons

Life lessons:

  1. Treat people with respect.
  2. Smile in the face of adversity.
  3. Never major in minor things.
  4. Your opinion is not the only one.
  5. What matters is your response.
  6. Synergy brings success.
  7. Doing is better than dreaming.
  8. Pursue wisdom.
  9. Love always conquers.
  10. Always get an understanding.

Principles You Should Keep Through The Process

You probably can’t tell it from my recent posts, but I am aggressively moving towards the launch of _____________.

I do not have any proven words of wisdom to share. Only principles that help to keep me motivated through the process. Here are a few key words you should remember.

1. Persistence.

2. Faith.

3. Reading

4. Visioneering.

5. Doing.


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