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One More

Sometimes when we are so close to manifestation of our ideas that we can see it. If not careful, we may be tempted to quit too soon. This may be due to all of the energy, emotion, and many times money expended just to get close, but not complete. This post is simply to encourage you when you don’t feel like you can push forward…keep giving IT “one more.”


Big Update

Great news! I received a call back from the venue rep. All dates proposed for the something-a-thon were open to have the event. As mentioned in yesterday’s post. If we are willing to see our ideas come into fruition, we must invite people into our journey. After the invitation to the journey, we must give them a role to play.

We are making great progress!

The more this process unfolds, the more I realize how important it is to stay focused and be persistent. In moments of discouragement I have to remind myself why I am doing this- for my students.



Three Ways To Spread Your Message Through Others

It is a huge plus to have people/businesses/organizations who are willing to help you spread your message. The more spreading the message, the more impact and (hopefully) change.

Specifically, I have been in contact with a highly reputable media company that has proven success in helping campaigns. Their support has the potential to boost the “thon.”

Another local contact has been in the area of the venue selection. Well, my initial conversations have been very successful thus far. We are still in the process of identifying a suitable date. It’s very recognizable and it will attract support.

This small update is just to help you as I help myself….keep pushing. Add people/businesses/organizations to your cause that can help spread your message.

How, do you get people to spread your message? Here are three simple ways that may help you get started. Continue Reading →



For some time now I have thought about a _____________-a-thon to raise awareness about the need for and to raise funds to support the purchase of technology resources for my class.

While details are still forming and coming together. I thought I would share with you the latest in my journey to transform my class into an active learning environment.

Below are five possible approaches to make it happen: Continue Reading →


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