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Archive | August, 2013

Before The Manifestation

Before the manifestation of any idea we can often wonder if the idea will pan out. After prayer, there is little more that we can do. It’s our responsibility to plan, create a team, and execute with focus.

My goal at the end of this month is to launch something that matters. The outcome is to transform my classroom into an active learning classroom.


Scaling Up Next Steps

This week I attended the Teacher Academy. It was informative and helpful in many ways. However, there are two specific areas that I felt were grossly under-discussed.

A. Educational Technology. It was discussed as separate component by some of the presenters. Versus as an embed of what was already being presented. Edtech is here to stay. How we use it…good or bad will have a profound impact on students. It’s not just about having web links at the end of the presentation. In my opinion, it would have been more helpful to have tasks where we used apps and connected with teachers using them to learn best practices for instruction.

B. Little to no conversation centered around the physical elements in our classroom. I am writing about the classroom desks, computers, interactive boards, etc. Perhaps this was not discussed because it is out of many teachers’ control. I totally disagree. If we can fight to spend $200 of our own money for small supplies; in like manner we can push for something big like – $20k.

The latter of the two brings me to make public a conversation that Melisia and I have been having recently. Create something that takes our passion and use it as a platform that has the potential to change _______________. The thing would have the focus of solving a real world problem in a fun way. Nope, nothing like this already exists. Brand new. Trendsetting. All around good for the benefit of _______________.

We are just in the beginning phases of this monumental shift in our lives. We are excited and not taking this opportunity lightly. She and I have been soft planning and making connections in Jacksonville to turn this burning passion to ______________ into reality.

As mentioned in this post about scaling up I am here to serve my generation. I know God has heard my prayer and the groanings of my heart.

The next few weeks will be very interesting.


Five Lessons Learned From A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

After the completion of my first successful crowdfunding campaign on Crowdtilt I am eager to do it again.

I learned a lot about a passionate group of people rallying around one single cause:

  1. The cause must be connected to something that matters.
  2. The cause must have a community of people that are connected to the cause that matters. I am part of and most of us felt compassion towards Chase and his family because of his support as online entrepreneurs.
  3. This community must be willing to DO something about the cause that matters. Inside, the Fizzle community was already talking about helping the Reeves family before I launched the campaign.
  4. The community must have an easy/reasonable to target. Initially we set $100. By the time the campaign ended, we exceeded $450. 🙂
  5. The community MUST have a super easy way to give. This platform needs to have a low overhead fee. Also, the tool of choice needs to process the funds quickly.

Here are five quick points that I learned about a successful crowdfunding campaign. Hopefully, they will help you. Did I miss anything? What would you add?


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