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Giving 90: Trinity Rescue Mission

d1 90 trinity

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Sometime ago I did a personal effort here via my blog called Good Everyday. The goal was to simply give $1 to an organization around the country that is doing good work. Well, I am doing it again. However, with a twist-details will come later. Why am I doing this? I believe in micro philanthropy. There is huge potential to impact lives with small seeds. Sure, nothing is wrong with giving more. We can not neglect the fact that we can have a similar effect if we do what we can with where we are. Right? Of course.

So the journey begins. I selected a local organization in Jacksonville that is doing phenomenal GOOD work- Trinity Rescue Mission.

The method of selection of today was simple.

  • Step 1. I downloaded the Paypal app.
  • Step 2. Looked at the nearby opportunities to give with the map feature. Selected TRM.
  • Step 3. Gave $5.

That’s it. We will see where the journey leads for day two of Give90.

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