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A Unique Opportunity

Just a few days ago I learned of an exciting opportunity in the crowd funding sphere. Except this one is more of crowd friend-raising rather than just the money.

The team at have an exciting competition to help launch someone’s song, art, video, book, invention, business, etc. The video below does more justice than my one sentence above.

Check it out. Press play now.

RocketHub LaunchPad Opportunity: Be Almost Famous from Vladimir Vukicevic on Vimeo.

Oh how I so badly want to make a difference in Jacksonville. This is not my hometown, but it’s where my family is for now. Talk is cheap. Making a difference costs. Costs what? Time, Resources, even the opinion of others about you and your motives. The latter I could care less about. The first two….this is the meat to chew on (I am not a vegetarian.).

Putting my time and energy into vision casting a creative project with the hopes of getting some really nice attention is key.

I know I can do this with your help. I am going to need your help to spread the word within your channels. This will be fun, and all for a good cause.

They have titled the launch pad opportunity “Be Almost Famous.” I really don’t like to think of myself as trying to be famous I just want to help people.

I heard someone say “Opportunity doesn’t knock, it just stands there and waits to be recognized.” This indeed is a unique opportunity to do something special. I recognize it as that. I hope my works in the upcoming days speak to how I feel about this opportunity.

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