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Application Denied

Have you ever heard of the Unreasoanble Institute? If not, watch this.

The World’s Most Unreasonable Trailer from Unreasonable Institute on Vimeo.

Guess what? I applied to the Institute. Yeah, my crazy idea of donating $1 a day to organizations doing GOOD got the best of me:) ┬áThis is a good thing! I want the GOOD Everyday project to grow in it’s capacity to impact youth in challenged communities.

I applied, but my application was rejected….how do I feel? Honestly? I feel like I lost a boxing match that I trained months for….and got knocked out. I worked many long hours on the app. Had a few people that I bounced ideas off of for clarity sake. I worked my butt off!

Well, I can’t control the judges decisions. The report is that over 300 applied. Maybe I should apply next year. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. One thing is certain, I can’t allow this setback to stop me. This is forcing me to make a big pitcher of lemonade. I mean a big one- like the type you see on a table outside during a family cook out in the summer. Get the picture of the pitcher?

I must move forward. But where? I have many thoughts, but nothing tangible. So much of what I wanted to do was depending on making it to Boulder, CO this summer. Lesson learned: never put all my eggs in one basket.

Let me hear your thoughts. Suggestions for next steps with the GOOD Everyday project?

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