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Back Up And Running

It’s been six days since my site site went down (it came back up yesterday).

First, my apology to the community. I can not articulate how frustrating it has been to be down  for so long.

Secondly, my  apology to my advertisers- The Bearded Christmas and Manger Gathering. I’ve already communicated that your ads will be credited. Thanks for understanding Trevor!

What was the issue?

The issue was with my server. I switched servers and databases were pointed in the wrong direction. Unfortunately, my hosting service providers’ (GoDaddy) customer support could not figure out what the issue was. (Very frustrating!)

After numerous conversations with tech support this blog was back up and running yesterday afternoon. I hope this never happens to another blogger- ever!

GoDaddy was very supportive to help resolve the issue. I learned a lot during the process about persevering and being vigilant.

Good news, while away the project GOOD EVERYDAY continued (which is most important).

Here’s a recap:

Day 71- Ohio;  Day 72- Oklahoma; Day 73- Oregon; Day 74- Pennsylvania; Day 75 Rhode Island; Day 76- South Carolina

The Ohio Donation Receipt

The Oklahoma Donation Receipt

The Oregon Donation Receipt

The Pennsylvania Donation Receipt

The Rhode Island receipt

The South Carolina Receipt

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