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Balance vs. Harmony

Melody is possible because of sharps and flats

Finding balance or harmony in community work has been  a interesting process difficult for me.

For most of my adult life I worked for this large school district. I had lots of fun teaching at this middle school and this high school. I won a big award, that made me :). I was named TOY- Teacher Of The Year. I was even blessed to work at the district level working serving in the Department Of Community Engagement. It was during this time of building partnerships for our school district with businesses, non-profits, and faith-based organizations that I began to see more of the needs within Jacksonville.

Now get this. Most of my time has been on helping to increase student academic achievement: either directly or from an administrative perspective. Recently, the leading  to start a ministry has me thinking…..where is the balance? Or, where is the harmony? Or is it both?

Balance is defined by Webster: to bring into harmony or proportion.

Harmony is defined by Webster: an interweaving of different accounts into a single narrative.

Hmm. I believe there can be balance. I believe there can be harmony. It’s like playing the piano. In order to have balance you must have sharps and flats.

What does it look like? Not exactly sure, I’m learning to enjoy the ride. Difficult at times? Yes. I have more confidence in HIM who has all things under control, than I who struggles daily. God wants me to succeed more than I do.

This blog may take on a different read. We shall see. Keep your eyes open.

My desire is to serve my generation…. 

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