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If the birds of the air….

If the birds of the air are taken care of, how much more do you think God is going to look after his children?

As I sat yesterday at the Sulzbacher Center seeking shelter from the never-ending rain, I noticed a very affirming scene…a small little bird flying under the patio. Why is this significant? Because many people feel like God has forgotten about them. If he provides for the birds, he going to definitely provide for us.

I’m not a bird expert, but I thought about how care-free the bird was that everthing was going to be alright. I’m going to eat- may not be the worms I want. I’m going to have a place to stay- may not be the tree I want. You get the picture.

I’m convinced that I complain too much-period.

Look folks everyone has seasons of great testing, but that doesn’t mean God has forgotten about us. Be encouraged! Read Matthew 6:25-26.

God’s got the whole world in his hands….remember that from Sunday School.

Thoughts anyone?

Picture from davidraymond

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