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Categories Help Organize Your Blog

Files Help You Organize Your Life


Yep, it’s another late post, but I’m grinding through the process of becoming a more effective blogger.

Yesterday, I listed three things that I believe will help me focus my writing  content.

Today, I’m focusing on #3- categories. Categories are like files. They aid in organization, structure, cleanliness, and might I add sanity.

At the time of this post. I have 28 categories. No joke, twenty-eight. This is entirely too much. No wonder my blog hasn’t grown beyond a max of 48 visitors in one day. My interests have spread to thin here on the blog.

If I want build traffic, get found via SEOs, attract advertisers, have guest posts, etc, I must narrow my focus….now! I don’t know how long this down-size process will take, but it starts now.

How many categories do you have for your blog?

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