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Scaling Up

Thank you for reading my blog over the past few years. I have learned a ton about blogging. Recently, I have taken huge steps to better identify my target audience.

Through this learning process I have come to grips that this blog (to a large degree) has been about me and what I was doing. This site did not have value to you the reader. As much as I am passionate about a number of things in the world. I failed to make posts sticky around a niche. Too random. Too infrequent posts. Too ___________.

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Major updates coming soon!

I know it has been a very long time since I hit the publish button. Expect to see more updates in the following areas:

1. Design…long overdue.
2. Video….sometimes it’s better to show it.
3. Message….just wait and see.
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Standard Theme Version 3

8bit Products Are Great!


Have you ever wondered why my blog looks the way it does or why I chose this website over all the other options out there? You’ve probably heard me talk about my site running on WordPress. But that’s only part of the story. On top of WordPress I run a premium blogging product called Standard Theme. Now I am using Standard Theme Version 3. It adds a significant set of enhancements to WordPress.

Without a theme like Standard, I would have to get a programmer to accomplish the same things.

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The Microsoft Surface

I do not own a tablet. However, I am looking closely at the new Microsoft Surface. If you haven’t heard of it or are one of the 3 million plus viewers of it’s overview on YouTube not sure how you have missed it recently. Watch below. Continue Reading →


Music Is A Plus When Blogging


Music is a great asset when it comes to inspiring, motivating, jump starting, (insert whatever adjective you choose) to our ideas. Tentblogger John Saddington recently wrote a post about it on his blog. I posted a video from Leon Timbo with a powerful song not too long ago

As I reflect on my desire to launch something that helps our community and possibly do it through an app ….. it often helps to have a song to get the juices flowing. I came across this jam “Heavy” from PJ Morton. The lyrics speak volumes (IMO) to the weight we we can feel when it comes to accomplishing our dreams.

Another element to building community is music. Music has a synergistic way of pulling people together, even in the most diverse settings.

Do you use music in your posts? If so, who is the artist(s)?


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