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Working Through The Discomfort

Our ability to push past the places of discomfort is key. Better yet, it is essential. It can not be underestimated. Perseverance is not just a word. It-is-an-action.

Even as I write, it is very late. I am tired. I just found out that someone my age has had a heart attack and is need of a new heart. This was a shock to me, because I’ve heard of people needing support and prayer at a young age with severe health challenges. But, I never knew any of them.

Discomfort is a huge test to our character and will. It separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls. Many like to stay in their comfort zones because of familiarity and _________________ (you fill in the blank). What is the reason? There are many. Continue Reading →


Crowd funding: My Ultimate Source

Prayer Is Essential


Many of us have a source of strength to draw from. Where get inspiration and encouragement to carry out our life’s mission. For me, it is the word of God. While it’s important to have excellent work ethics and great relationships, it is of greater importance to honor God in all that I do.

I believe that crowd funding has the potential to help me get where I want NowJax to go. However, I believe that all things are possible to them that believe. Additionally, faith without works is dead. Oh and, I will not get it, if I don’t ask for it. Continue Reading →


Family Confession

I came across a daily confession for the family from Dr. Creflo Dollar, Pastor of the World Changers Church International. Pastor Dollar is a profound teacher and someone that I respect greatly for his work in the Kingdom.Speaking life over my family is something that I do daily…so I thought I would share it with you.

Confess and be blessed!

Love ya!


(Confession over your family)

      • God’s favor causes my family to increase more and more (Psalm 115:14).

(For the Husband to say):

    • My wife is blessed and highly favored among women (Luke 1:28).
    • She is a virtuous woman who prospers in everything she does at home, work, in business and in other affairs (Proverbs 31:10-31).
    • My relationship with my wife is good; together we have obtained the favor of the Lord (Proverbs 18:22).
    • He sits in places of authority among other leaders (Proverbs 31:23).

(For the Wife to say):

      • My husband is blessed and highly favored among men because God is with him (Genesis 39:2; Luke 1:28).
      • He sits in places of authority among other leaders (Proverbs 31:23).

(Confession over your children)

      • My children are blessed and well favored of God. They are skillful and wise, and they stand before kings (Daniel 1:4-5, 9).
      • Like Jesus, my children increase in wisdom, stature and favor with God and men (Luke 2:52; 1 Samuel 2:26; 16:22).

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