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Let's Be The Change

Let’s Be The Change


Yesterday, I made a post about how I wanted to serve my generation with timeless truths and in practical ways. Shortly after I hit publish I found out that Chase Reeves suddenly lost his son. I had the privilege of meeting Chase last week at Rock The Stage in San Jose. He has powerful insight for entrepreneurs and an amazing business at Fizzle. Continue Reading →


Scaling Up

Thank you for reading my blog over the past few years. I have learned a ton about blogging. Recently, I have taken huge steps to better identify my target audience.

Through this learning process I have come to grips that this blog (to a large degree) has been about me and what I was doing. This site did not have value to you the reader. As much as I am passionate about a number of things in the world. I failed to make posts sticky around a niche. Too random. Too infrequent posts. Too ___________.

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