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Contests And Crowdfunding

I have been thinking lateley about my quests over the past year to wind a few contests. I was unsuccessful in terms of winning in the eyesight of the judges. However, the experience was rewarding simply participating.

Here they are…


RocketHub LaunchPad Opportunity: Be Almost Famous from Vladimir Vukicevic on Vimeo.

I took part in the Rockethub Almost Famous Contest late 2011. My desire was to create a symposium about new job creation. You can check out the submission here. I found out in January that I lost. Continue Reading →


Ray Allen Headed To Miami

Well, another NBA player is making huge changes in their career. Yesterday, I wrote about Brandon Roy. Last night, the news about Ray Allen came out that he is headed to South Beach to join the Miami Heat. Yep, he is joining an Eastern Conference rival. And get this…for significantly less money.

Why? Perhaps because he saw a greater opportunity with the Heat to win another championship. Continue Reading →


35 Plus Images To Remind You Of 4th Of July

Happy Birthday America! Today is the day we celebrate the birth of our nation. Family, friends, fireworks….and good food are on the list for most people today. Hopefully, you will unplug and relax today!

Here a few images I have pulled together 35 plus images to help you get in the grubbing mode (aka eating – lol 🙂 ). Are you ready? Warning, these images may make you hungry, very hungry!

Continue Reading →


Building A Team Is Necessary

Teamwork Is Essential For More Reason Than One

Develop the necessary key relationships is essential to our success. We must be mindful of the people we connect with to go to the next level. Our ability to engage with people that we can mutually benefit from matters. Not just the here and now, but for weeks, months, and years to come. Continue Reading →


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