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Crowd funding: Connecting With A Cause

Connect Your Crowd To A Cause

Today, I’m focusing on continuation the crowd funding series. There is another element that has the potential to catapult our projects to heights unimaginable. What is it?

Drum roll……connecting with a cause. Not just any charity or good will effort. How about a cause that pulls on the heart of people. So much so, that they can’t help but get involved. Thinking?

Here are a few examples:

  • Starting a community garden in a food desert area to combat childhood obesity.
  • Create an initiative to assist abused women and children find safety and restoration.
  • Start a project that helps the elderly¬† get access to local doctors without charging them an arm and a leg.
  • Start a music program to help students with disabilities to express their artistic gifts.

There are endless possibilities to connect your project to a cause that simply makes the world a better place to live. Sure, you can not have a link to anything. However, I’m learning the more you place on being serviceable to people the more they want in. Could I be wrong? Of course. But I see the trend of helping others to help yourself is a sure fire way to grow your project.

These causes can be connected to something that you are passionate about. See something you don’t like. Create the project to change it. That simple. Instead of searching for a solution. Think for a moment that you are the solution. Yes, you. With all of your ___________________ (fill in the blank).

Remember the elements for effectiveness for crowd funding your project? Guess what? They are not contingent on our perfection. Just having an unyielding compromise to put your all into your project being successful.

So let’s read it in the comments below. What causes have you personally connected with through crowd funding?

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