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Children Being Dropped Off In Nebraska

I’m reading this article on CNN about parents dropping their children off at various locations in Nebraska….mesmerized. YOU MUST READ THIS STORY

I’ll admit as a parent it can be extremely difficult. However, the thought of leaving my child with total strangers is disturbing. How can it be? Children didn’t ask to come here. Many were born out the will of two adults.

Yes, there are things that happen such as rape. I don’t wish that upon anyone. But for the majority of births two grown folks knew exactly were they were doing. There must be other options for parents to avoid these beautiful gifts to the world being left without the certainty of care and compassion of a responsible adult.

Below are a few alternatives that come to mind about this awful trend that’s taking place as possible options for parents and guardians:

1. Speak with a church in Nebraska about available caretakers.

2. Speak with a church in Nebraska about residential services for a home if needed.

3. Speak with a church in Nebraska about financial assistance to continue provision of basic necessities.

4. Speak with a church in Nebraska about referral services.

5. Speak with a church in Nebraska regarding temporary options through any Health & Human Service agencies

Posted via web from Dewitt Robinson

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