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Crowd Funding: Five Keys To Build Community Around Your Project

Five Things To Remember

How do you build community around your project? Several thoughts come to mind. I want to share 5 keys that I believe will help us tremendously to have a successful crowd funding project.

Trust. People don’t associate with those they don’t trust. Period. Trust is often developed by a simple bedrock principle. What is it? Honesty. Honesty speaks to the character of the individual in more ways than one. It’s key to always walk in integrity. Even if it means losing friends.

Authenticity. Like trust, authenticity is another essential key. Authenticity is being genuine. Not a fake. Not an imposter. Simply being real. No need to put on, for the sake of it. Just be pure! No one likes a copy cat. Originals are a premium. No one can beat you being you. So….just be yourself.

Passion. If you don’t care about the projects you endeavor to accomplish. How else can you expect someone to do the same? It will not work that way. We MUST show the energy for our projects. Passion is contagious. Have you ever been watching the pre-game show of a sporting event? Notice the level of excitement the athletes exhibit before the start of the game. Sometimes, I get pumped up just by watching them, even though I may be miles away. Be excited about what you are going to accomplish.

Excellence. Don’t put forth a rag tag image. People want to be associated with something that looks like it going somewhere. Excellence attracts excellence. Don’t settle. Don’t compromise. You are always preparing for the next, by how you handle the now. You and I must be cautious not to sell short our vision because of mediocrity. Average is not acceptable.

Sharing. Be willing to share the success your efforts with the people that helped you to get where you are headed. This could be in the form of a launch party. Or perhaps some time of climax event. Who knows? Be creative. Share. Share. Share.

Let me know if these help. More details forth coming on my Rocket Hub project soon.

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