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Developing Community Works

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Yesterday, was my shortest post recently, but it was one my most thoughtful- thanks to Leon Timbo.

As I have mentioned earlier one my goals over the next 85 days is to see (with tangible results) the launch of something that lifts the community. It is my desire to help make my community a better place to live. Not just my community, but as many communities as possible. Most of the work during my latter tenure with Duval County Public Schools was in the community engagement space. There are a number of ideas surfacing that hopefully will be solidified in the upcoming days.

I don’t know why I have such a passion for community “works”, but I do. I eat, sleep, drive, and read about effective engagement in the areas where we reside. You can read my thoughts here about the birth place of passion.

I hope to bring to life something that resembles a model of what good can be done when we look beyond our needs and focus on helping someone other than I.

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