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Could This Be The Key?

(simultaneously) Watching Game 4 of the NBA Finals and the 12 Cities 12 Conversations webcast last night my heart was pressed about a number of issues presented. More importantly, the issues facing the city of Jacksonville.

Pastor Rick Warren mentioned a scripture during his session-Acts 13:36. It speaks to the heart of who we should be reaching. Here it is in the Amplified version…

For David, after he had served God’s will and purpose and counsel in his own generation, fell asleep [in death] and was buried among his forefathers,

Is this scripture the key to our effectiveness as a body of believers?

Who are we trying to serve?

Who are we serving?

Who should we be serving?

As people of faith our goal should be to honor God’s word. The bible declares David served his own generation. With this type of laser focus, imagine the resources that could be saved, synergy created, and support garnered if we all would just obey this simple truth.

How effective have you been in your community serving your generation?

What strategies are you implementing?

What have been your results?



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