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Day 1

It’s first day of my creative project. You can not imagine how much energy has been put into getting this far. I don’t mean just physical energy. I’m talking about the mental toughness that overcomes the sting of your past failures. The weariness of weariness. Catch my drift?

The first step is easy to feel like you have accomplished something just by moving close to your goal. In some ways this makes sense, but it doesn’t add up to much. Many have started. I want to be one of them who finishes well.

From here on out it’s up to me to lead this project to reach it’s goal.

The look an feel. It’s up to me to continue to push past the early stages of fright and take one step closer to successfully funding a creative project. Day one is for memories. Now let’s get ready for day two. It’s going to be a fun time for sure.

Truthfully, it’s not day one yet. I am just putting in my practice before the real first day gets here.

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