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Day 37 Good Everyday UA Chi Alpha

The Good Everyday tour has officially started. I’m sure it will be an amazing journey filled with great discovery! As indicated several times via Twitter, the adventure starts with Alabama and will end with the U.S. Virgin Islands on December 31.

What city? Tuscaloosa. From the great state of Alabama (my home state 🙂 )

Today, we’re visiting UA Chi Alpha a campus ministry at the University Of Alabama.

Here is some info about Chi Alpha:

We are a movement of students earnestly following Jesus. Our community is experienced through several venues: the gathering, cell groups, retreats, and various social activities.

It’s all Greek to us – literally. The Greek letters Chi (X) and Alpha (A) are the initials of a phrase written by the Apostle Paul in the Bible. Translated it means “Christ’s sent ones”. The name is a reminder that we should live to reflect Jesus.

At Chi Alpha, one of our main focuses is evangelism. Not only do we want to reach the lost on our campus, but we want to spread the Good News around the world! We offer students the opportunity to experience missions through both short-term as well as long-term trips. Our current overseas missions focus is “The Thailand Project”.

It’s great to hear about ministries that support students’ relationship with  Christ while in college. I recall, had it not been for other fellow believers, I’m certain my student years would have not been very fulfilling.

Did I donate the $1? I sure did.

The tour  continues tomorrow to Alaska 🙂 Gotta a group to recommend?

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