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Day 41 Good Everyday California

Redwoods in Sequoia National Park

The GOOD Everyday project passed a milestone yesterday- 4o Days in the journey.

Throughout this process, I’m learning a lot about blogging. The biggest challenge in this effort is research. Believe it or not, some groups that would have received the dollar, didn’t because they make it difficult to receive funds.

Others haven’t updated their site in weeks. Can you believe it? It really helps to update your blog consistently-it adds validity.

Today, our tour rolls into California. Yep, we’re on the west coast. I thought about sharing what GOOD is taking place with  a very well-known ministry. They are doing a phenomenal work to impact people. After further pondering to other efforts taking place I’ve opted to share about a not-so- well known organization.

Where are we today? Antioch, California 🙂 Which group did the $1 go to? The Child Abuse Prevention Council of Contra Costa County.

Their mission is to:

  • Promote the safety of our children
  • Raise community awareness
  • Influence public policy
  • Educate our community and families
  • Provide resources and support families

It’s important that we cover those in prayer and support those that have experienced the pain of emotional, physical, and verbal abuse.

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