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Day 49 GOOD Everyday Illinois

Chicago Skyline

The GOOD Everyday Tour is in the Windy City today!

Today we’re highlighting an organization that’s serving youth in a very meaningful way in Chicago.

I was referred to The Woodlawn Organization (TWO) by one of the guys I’m following on Twitter. After doing some research, I discovered the group is touching many lives in more ways than one.

For some time the GOOD Everyday tour focus has been on organizations impacting youth in a significant way.

Offering tangible hope for the next generation is essential. Words with out action are meaningless. Here’s one of the many programs offered:

The T.W.O. Hope4Youth Engagement Initiative provides case management intervention services to homeless youth who are between the ages of 18 and 24. Each year over 1,500 youth who are couch surfing, living on shelters or on the street receive crisis assistance that may range from the provision of food, clothing and transportation to help with securing permanent housing, getting enrolled in school and finding employment.  T.W.O. operates two drop –in centers where youth may receive a meal, play games, attend workshops and temporarily escape the reality of having no permanent place to call home. 

Did I donate to TWO? See after the jump.

I hope initiatives like this from The Woodlawn Organization keep up the great work!

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