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No Room For Fear

Fear is not an option. We have too much to do in life.

Fear has the ability to cripple the most easiest task. Fear will cause you and and I to create all types of excuses from accomplishing our goals.

When we were small what stopped you from moving forward. Fear of stage fright talent show, not making the baseball team. Your classmates laughing.

What if I try again to start  a business. and if fails? It’s important and key to remove these distractions. One of the things that helps me is centering my thoughts on prayer. It provides strength and focus.

Here are a few key points that have helped me:


Surround yourself with people that will encourage you and challenge you. Having  a close croup of people to talk to about ideas and failures is healthy. Push back can enable you and I to sharpen our focus. Is the process too rigid? Is this process to loose? your confidant’s can help you to see things that you can’t. We all need people like this.


Books can be great fuel to overcome fear. Reading the story of some one who may have gone through a similar episode is healthy. Having someone to identify with will keep you centered. Hearing their struggles and triumph.

Don’t over schedule yourself.

Believe it or not over packing your calendar can cause a level of busyness that doesn’t lend itself to productivity. Lack of productivity can lead to doubt. Doubt can lead to defeat.


You be you. Know what you do, Do what you do. do it well. you an and I are an original. we should be comfortable with being our selves. People can smell an imposter a mile away. Celebrate the fact that God made you who you are. That’s all. Overcome fear with these few principles and others. I hope this helps. They have helped me.

Now go do what you were created to do.

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