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Filters Are Necessary

Filters get rid of the bad stuff.

I posted part one of Brand vs Filter  two part series yesterday.

Three of the most important words from the post are: “change, impact, action.” Filters, in my opinion, have the unique ability to get people headed in the direction that they want to go. Not forced, not persuaded, not even manipulated. But because of their unique ability to inspire people to look inwardly at their own potential to dream like never before that cause people to CHANGE, ACT, and undoubtedly make an impact within their sphere of influence.

Filters, release what’s good only because they were willing to keep back all the bad stuff in their “filter.” A water filter is not best known for how good it looks. Instead filters are known for how much great tasting water they release.

If we are to be quality filters. We must learn how to release the fruit from our frustrations. I know we’ve all had some very difficult episodes in life. These historical events only have an impact on our future if we allow them to control our next steps.

We should make it our goal to become quality filters in the earth so that others may not look at us, but at themselves to become all that God intended them to be.

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