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Flip Our Class Again

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No Doubt About It

I teach at Andrew Jackson High School in Jacksonville, FL. Jackson is an old, urban, inner-city high school. Over 73% of our school population is on free/reduced lunch. My classroom is in need of a great makeover. Most importantly, my students need greater access to technology.

Why technology?

To help boost student academic achievement
84% of my students said they felt more engaged when using tools like laptops
I only have four computers and an outdated projector. District and state funding sources are limited to upgrade to the necessary tools and purchase instructional materials. Thus, I am crowdfunding this personal project.

The Divide?

The largest divide in our education system is not the achievement gap, but the ever widening digital divide. Many of my students do not have desktops, laptops, or tablets in their homes. Local libraries close early. Students in the Jackson community are left with little to no options to get internet access for studying, research, and developing skills for post-secondary education and/or the workforce.

With the funds we will be able to purchase:

  1. 26 Google Chromebooks
  2. 1 Promethean Board
  3. 1 Laptop Cart

Let’s work together to flip an old, urban, inner-city classroom with modern tools to impact student achievement.

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