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How to Plan a Group Volunteer Project |

In just a few weeks I’ll be leading a very exciting Community Service Project. We’re going to help spruce up an elementary school in the Oceanway community of Jacksonville. There are a number of things that I hope will be the outcome of this endeavor, but for now I’ll just list a few things on my mind going into the  project:

1. People will sign up, and give of their time

2. The school grounds will look better before the opening of the new school year

3. The volunteers will work together in a cohesive, community spirit

4. The Oceanway community (as a result of this project) will continue to support and aid in the lives of the next generation

5. The volunteers will support additional  community service projects I will lead in the future

Also, here’s  link on planning a group Volunteer Project…..How to Plan a Group Volunteer Project | eHow.comShared via AddThis

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