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E-publishing The Indie Way

 I found the following steps to publishing an e-book the “Indie” way by Carla King  from Media Shift.

1. Sign up with Scribd.

2. Start contributing to the community, post some works-in-progress, comment, “readcast,” curate, and collect subscribers.

3.When your e-book is complete, upload it to Scribd for sale.

4.Then go to Smashwords to convert your book into all the available formats.

5 . Join the Smashwords Premium program to aggregate your e-book to the Kindle, iBookstore, Sony, Nook, and all the other readers.

6. Subscribe to the mailing lists of both companies to stay informed and take advantage of new features as they roll them out.

Pretty straight forward huh?


pic provided by VEER images

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