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Just Start Somewhere

If you desire to go where you haven’t been you must be willing to do something you have never done before.

The best way sometimes is just simply to start somewhere. You never know what resources and people will come to your aid once you make the first step. For too many (myself included) make the mistake that we believe we must have all the details sorted out before we begin the journey. False. Plan? Yes. All the details and journey? Not always.

It is my belief that the only way to overcome the fear of failure with our ideas is to simply move forward toward our goals. So what if everything isn’t lined up the way you desire. GO!

So what if all the personnel you think you need are not present, Go!

So what if all the monies you think you need are not available, Go!

So what if the skill set you think you need hasn’t been developed, Go!

You can do it, if you try! Use what you have and get started somewhere.

Why? If the truth be told, very few would have all things right (in our eyes) to start. So why waste time and creative juices wishing that there was a better time. The better time is now to start somewhere.

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