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Giving Back: Kids Across America

Earlier this month issued a challenge to their online community to give back during the month of December. Here is a brief video description of the month-long challenge.

Sounds interesting, huh?

Yes, I realize I am starting this journey 14 days into the process. However, I hope to continue participating for the remainder of the year. Today, I gave $1 to Kids Across America based in Missouri. KAA is making a significant difference in the lives of students throughout the country. How do they do it? By investing time and resources into a summer camp that is out of this world- among other things too. One of the end goals is a better equipped student to lead a productive life. The next generation needs positive adults to help make a world of difference in their life. Check out the vid below….

See what I mean?

Here is a copy of the receipt for proof 🙂

The Proof Is In The Pudding!

Tell me about an organization that you know that is helping the next generation succeed.

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