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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: Walk In Love

I hope your day is off to a tremendous start. Additionally, I hope that we all are taking a moment to reflect on the LIFE of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I found this short video on Wing Clips. They have a large amount of video resources that may be able to aid your blogging efforts.

There isn’t much to add to what Dr King said decades ago. We are commanded to walk in love. Love has the ability to transcend all barriers that we may think are impossible to overcome. Love is the greatest of all qualities in life.

As we continue to work towards making a difference in our neighborhoods, communities, and even the world let us never forget the importance of walking in the love of God. This has the power to change men and women’s heart alike to focus more on solving a problem as a opposed to making a point.

We all need to improve in a number areas of our lives (seriously). What has the power to help make these life altering corrections? God’s love.

Let us pursue God’s best today and allow the fulfilling journey to begin into a life full of His love.


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