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What Length Are You Willing To Go?


What Length Are You Willing To Go?


I read an article recently from Entrepreneur magazine about the lengths people were willing to take to launch their business.

It sparked a few thoughts about my goals and desires to launch __________. The article was inspirational, in that it provided examples of individuals that did the extra mile work to get where they wanted to be. Yep, from digging ditches to getting an extra job, the examples serve as a reference to the fruit of our efforts to get there.

I am not sure who said it, but it is very true…. “It’s not crowded on the extra mile.”

If we desire to launch/create _________ that serves people we must be willing to do something out of the norm. Creativity should be at the top of the list. More and more I am thinking to myself about this and what am I willing to do get it done. Could it be a marathon?

Could it be a second job?

Could it be crowd sourced project?

Could it be linked to something bigger than project for a worthwhile cause?

Whatever it is let’s focus more on the “doing” vs. is it the perfect idea. I was talking with my wife yesterday about my belief that there is no shortage of good ideas, but there is a shortage of good execution on our ideas. Moving forward there will be an intense effort to build on the execution of the ideas versus is it good enough.

What about you? What creative things have you done to accomplish your goals? What was the outcome?

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