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Failure Does Not Mean Loss

Which Direction Are You Headed?


The year is off to a tremendous start. After only 34 days I have had the joy and privilege of great experiences early on thus far.

1. I found out the results of the Rockethub “Be Famous” contest. I didn’t win, but the joy of pushing for something I believe in was great.

2. I participated in the first Startup Weekend Jacksonville event. I had a great time. Met amazing people. Not to mention mention I pitched. Developed a team. Pitched again on the final night. I didn’t win (or place), but the joy of pushing for something I believe in was great.

Yes, I failed with these two projects. However, failure with an honest attempt is not a total loss. The fact that I stepped up to the plate to at least make it to first base is more powerful than merely talking about it. Too often we talk about our dreams and goals, but have very little to show in terms of effort to support our words.

I am determined this year to have more action to support my words than ever before. It’s the only way that we will be able to move forward in life.

Whenever we face challenges, it is how we respond that makes the difference. Don’t allow the sting of defeat rob you of the will to move forward. It is not enough to just desire without having the determination. We must have the will to continue to press onward. You nor I have a choice. Continue to press. Stay in the race. Don’t give up. Make your declaration known with positive, biblical confessions. Our words have power to create an atmosphere of hope and change in our lives. If we believe and say that we are a winner, guess what, we are a winner. If you say that you will never progress. Guess what? You won’t.

I hope the best for you this year.

How about you? How has your year been thus far as it relates to accomplishing your goals?

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