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Give 90: Mal Washington Kids Foundation

The Give 90 journey continues locally. My error for not donating yesterday. The goal is to give to a different group, cause, organization, effort daily for the next 85 days.

Today the spotlight is on the Mal Washington Foundation. This foundation is doing phenomenal work to impact young lives through the world of tennis. Located in Historic Durkeeville the next generation is being marked with an un-erasable mark for greatness.

Check out this video!


The mission of the MaliVai Washington Kids Foundation is to develop champions in classrooms, on tennis courts and throughout communities.

One of MWKF’s premiere programs is TNT (Tennis-N-Tutoring)

TnT is a daily after-school program focusing on our K-5th grade students. TnT (Tennis-n-Tutoring) operates from 3pm-6pm in the MaliVai Washington Youth Center. TnT contains 3 sessions daily which provide academic assistance, tennis/fitness activities and life skills classes. Each child also receives a nutritious snack daily. The program offers: Academic Support through homework assistance and mentors; Tennis and Fitness classes focusing on nutrition, introduction to the sport of tennis and practice for competitive play; and Life Skills & Enrichment classes which are age appropriate and range from basic hygiene to pregnancy prevention. All students participate in community service activities and have the opportunity to go on enrichment field trips based on reaching pre-determined goals.

Here’s the receipt for proof of the donation…

d4 give90 Mal Washington

Keep up the great work Mal Washington Kids Foundation!


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