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Moving Along With The Rockethub Launchpad Opportunity

My project is moving, but not moving as fast as I would like for it to move. Specifically, I am talking about the amount of votes needed to help push my project into the hundreds of Facebook votes.

The “JOBS” conversation, that I want to have is only a dream at this point. The more I think about it, the more I see it becoming a reality. I know there is more to be done to help push me past the slow pace I am moving in terms of votes. If you are reading this and you have voted- thank you! I am only stating that the more I need to have votes for my project. 

We have come a long way since the NowJax project posted on Rockethub’s site. I have spread the word about it more than I have for many projects before. Why? Because I want people to have the funding they need to create jobs. I have heard too many people say they aren’t doing what they believe they should be doing- access to capital. Could this be an excuse? Of course. However, it may be a legitimate need that no is address the problem(s) they are experiencing.

I believe our city needs an awakening in certain aspects. At this point I have an idea that just may be the alarm clock. I have stated before, no win at Rockethub’s Launchpad Opportunity- no NowJax. What I need from this experience is to win so I can bring the level of exposure to the event that I can command an audience. I may be off base with my assumptions. Yet, I may be on point. Either way, I need the knowledge of an experienced publicist to help me spread the word (among other things).

Here is how you can help:

  • Text someone
  • Email someone
  • Tweet about it
  • Share a link on Facebook
  • All of the above

Your support makes a difference. Thank you!!

Here is the link-

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