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Moving Forward

After nearly 48 hours of being homeless there are a few thoughts that I want to capture a few thoughts before this process ends.

Moving forward:

1. I will be more thankful about all that I have. My problems are bite-size compared to what some families are going through.

2. The next time a drive by a shelter or soup ,i’ll remember not to complain about what I have to eat in a pantry full house.

3. The next time I want too complain about waiting in a long time at the doctor’s office. I’ll be more grateful that have access to quality healthcare that isn’t predicated on where I’ve been residing the past few days.

4. The next time I’m at a family cook out, I’ll be mindful that some people have to wait 2-3 hours everyday just to get a meal.

5. The next time I decide to stay in the house when it’s raining too hard. I’ll remember having to stand on the side of the Catholic church to avoid not getting wet.

My heart is saddened that I only have about 17 more minutes before all of this experience will be over.

Will you pray for every homeles person now that God will bless them with all of the wisdom, resources, connections that are needed for them to MOVE FORWARD in a more fruitful way of living?

If you’re not going to pray what will you do moving forward?

Picture by Handcanons

Posted via web from Dewitt Robinson

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