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Birthplace Of Passion

Where does passion come from? You can answer this in the comments below.

Is it from a place of something that brings great fulfillment? Is it from a place of adventure? Is passion birth in a place of great pain and agony? I’ve asked myself this question several times. I  don’t think that I can pinpoint one single item. Howver, I do think that passion is launched from many different streams.

We all have a purpose in life. Answering life’s calling may not be as crystal clear as we want it to be at times. This shouldn’t discourage us from finding what we are here to do. Yet, it should push us to keep discovering. For in the journey of discovery we find that THING.

No, this post isn’t about uncovering your life purpose. Yet, a look inside the thought process of making ideas happen and where these ideas begin.

Purpose aligned with passion is a phenomenon.

Yes, we can do things we like to do. But how more igniting can we be if we push past the mucky stuff in life to get in a posture that propels us to do something we never thought was possible.

Here’s a bit that I’ve learned in life. We all have dirt. Not necessarily things we have done that we are ashamed of, but things that we have grown from. The stuff that challenged and push us beyond our wits. Perhaps it was something from our childhood that was painful. Maybe a failed marriage. Could it be a business that flat lined? Betrayal from a close friend? A battle with an illness? The list and questions go on and on. We all have one or the other.

These things help to shape us in more ways that we may ever come to realize. I think this is all part of God’s design.

It’s not so much what dirt happens, but how we respond to the dirt that happens in our lives.

This, my friend is where I think we begin to dig deep in the recesses of our mind . Examine. Plan,. Strategize. Leap. And Accomplish. And ultimately, help someone else grow from our passion.

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