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My Upcoming Pivotal Blog Series

I am not a golfer, but I am staying the course.

Since the beginning of my BlogX journey again I have mentioned more than once that my goal is to launch something that uplifts our community.

I am passionate about community engagement. Why? Read this post about the birthplace of passion. This is a bit of uncharted waters rather than some other endeavor I could attempt. To tell the story of this process I am beginning a new blog series.

I hope to stay committed to this series over the next week. Below is a brief outline:

This outline may change/expand during the upcoming days.

  1. What Is My Response
  2. How I Am Responding
  3. Island Approach Does Not Work
  4. Business Selection
  5. Community Partnerships
  6. Raising The Funds
  7. Due Diligence Is Due
  8. Doing The Necessary Foolishness
  9. Evangelists Needed Now

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