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The Power Of A Dollar

How much good can be done with one dollar?

I think more than we care to acknowledge at times. Sure the capacity of $100, $1,000, and $10,000 is greater. Yet the base of all these is $1. Get the picture? I do. And have experimented with a personal campaign to do good around the country…called Good Everyday.

What if the same principle could be implemented to do good in Jacksonville?

According to Wikipedia, my city is 885 square miles. Check out the screenshot below.

Jacksonville, FL: 885 square miles


What if there was a united effort to cover every square mile of this city with a micro-project of $1? That’s right, cover every area. Not just the affluent, but the challenged communities within the city too. Sure, more resources can be given to some areas versus others. The point is to cover the entire city. I believe it can be done. It doesn’t take a lot to do good just a willing individual to make certain the good work gets done – right? Absolutely.

How will I the story? Blogging will be one component. Social media sites: Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest- will be another. I am still working through the process of how mapping the progress of the journey will be embedded.

What are some examples of good micro-grant projects in your city?

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