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A Power Of Sport Story: Kevin Laue Got Game!

I read the below blog post on Kevin Carroll’s site….very inspiring! Read and enjoy.

What’s a “Power of Sport Story?!”

It’s a story that transcends the particular game at hand – be it stick & ball, on ice, on grass, turf, or simply played in an alley or on a street corner with a ball & a makeshift goal.  In a power of sport story, “winners” don’t necessarily win the playoff or championship game; sometimes they are on the losing end on the scoreboard.  But their game is an “Inner Game,” a higher game, a spiritual game that claims a universal victory.

The power in these stories of sport is like an alarm clock, noisily waking people from a heavy slumber.  These moments grab your attention in a loud and profound way like the arena horn marking the end of a half, a referee’s whistle halting play, or a raucous crescendo of cheers from fans reveling in an unbelievable moment.Sport and play are the common denominators and planetary equalizers.  No matter where you look in the world regardless of political or religious system – we ALL play.  Therefore, stories of triumph over illness, poverty or handicap through the use of sport or play resonate throughout our world and help inspire change, and inspire action. The Power of Sport Story can change a life.

Read our latest Power of Sport story about Kevin Laue from the NY Times – he got offered a scholarship from Manhattan College this week!

Photog: Andrew Shurtleff for The New York Times

Human potential is boundless!

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